Virtustream-MENA defines itself as born from the enterprise, built for the enterprise and striving to revolutionize the world of enterprise.

Virtustream-MENA is today one of the leading consultants offering cloud-driven, data-mobility, business resiliency and IT security solutions for enterprises. Our experience comes from serving the world’s leading brands with highly competent IT solutions.


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    Customized solutions for your big-enterprise:

    You have applications that were not designed to be on the cloud. But the team of consultants at Virtustream-MENA is here to customize an absolute cloud solution that will fit your business needs.

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    With more than ten years of experience in virtualization of enterprise applications and cloud migrations, we are today the leaders in the industry. Thanks to our team of highly certificated staff, including VCDX/VCP, RHCA/RHCDS, CCA, MCA, and EMC Specialists.